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Ma Stump Puller wrote on Shelley was a fast and very exciting wrestler to watch and was a great tag specialist but he had NOTHING else to bring to the table. Zero charisma or crowd work and had to rely on high spots to get any sort of pop. By himself, he's a lot less but the legacy of the MCMG gives him a supreme edge. Likewise he's just not my type of wrestler and there's only so many times I can see him do the same heatless things before I lose interest. Alex Shelley was one of them, and I'm not sure why it didn't happen. He was one of the better technical wrestlers at just 22 years old, and I thought showed good charisma as the original 'leader' of Generation Next.

Also known as David Decker

Parkplatz A Brandbühl Lotti works at Predigerhof mostly during the day. Furthermore he serves the guests in his unimitable amiable style, whenever Thomy and Kim are on holidays. Who doesn't know her, the Fürschtin from the Ländle, who always has a perky gag on the lips? In his clearly identifiable way Jürgen ensures Tuesday to Saturday during the day that Marion lives on at least a bit all the rage Predigerhof. And for all that don't know yet: Jürgen loves to drink a Black Label cola once all the rage a while. You just don't get around her.

Singles Stadt Tegernsee - bei deiner Singlebörse

Kindergipfel 10 Kinder auf dem Kindergipfel Am Mittwoch, den November fand der 2. Mannheimer Kindergipfel in der neuen Kunsthalle statt.